“A Whole New World”



The lyrics from an Aladdin song immediately came to mind when thinking about my childhood’s infusion with Disney productions. There are a few common themes that come to mind when remembering Disney movies that I watched as a child. Such themes include love, family, friendship and good overcoming evil.

The ubiquitous presence of these Disney themes became almost an expectation for films that you have not yet viewed.  I had come to expect a main character with an ever-present side -kick. These two seemed to rarely have an established family life. Rarely does the protagonist have both a mother and a father figure alive at the same time. The protagonist duo then almost always encounters an evil antagonist. These predictable themes lead to a certain sense of expectation in a child’s mind. When the child grows older this may lead to a sense of disillusionment due the fact that life offers more variety than the predictable Disney movie.

As a younger adolescent, I lost my innocence; there was a certain amount of shock and surprise at the realities of life.  I realized that this consistent type of plot line seen in so many Disney films does not always parallel every day life. However as I matured I discovered that Disney films do present themes that are real. They may not be carried out the same way as in their films but themes such as love, friendship and evil are real.

Although adults and children have very different perspectives on the reality of the movies, both can share the basic truths and outlines that the films present. They have enough imagination; creativity, humor and interesting story lines to captivate the child yet reserve enough truth, hope and relatability to hold the interest of adults.

This article and list of Disney movies that adults will love proves that both children and adults can share the Disney culture. http://listverse.com/2008/07/09/top-10-kids-movies-that-adults-will-love/

 While Disney movies are fantasy and may seem far-fetched, they do offer enough true-to-life themes that can provide the child with entertainment and simplified versions of real life themes. However enough of the themes are consistent with those encountered in real life that adults can appreciate the films.

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